Transformative solutions for the global teacher shortage: A call to action

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Transformative solutions for the global teacher shortage: A call to action

In a recent report by Unesco, alarming figures indicate a critical shortage of 44 million teachers globally, underscoring the urgent need for solutions to ensure quality education for every child. Unesco’s Director-General, Audrey Azoulay, stresses the imperative to better value, train, and support teachers globally as a means to address this pressing vocations crisis in education.

Global challenges
While the global teacher shortfall has decreased from 69 million in 2016, sub-Saharan Africa remains a focal point, accounting for a third of the deficit. Despite progress, the region still faces a critical gap of 15 million teachers to achieve the sustainable development goal of universal primary and secondary education by 2030. The Unesco report highlights global challenges, including high stress levels, insufficient supplies, poor leadership, and low salaries, also inregions like Europe and North America.

A call to action:
Recognizing the urgency of the global teacher shortage, the education community must unite to implement transformative solutions. Initiatives to better value, train, and support teachers should be prioritized, ensuring that quality primary and secondary education is accessible to every child.

How do we try to contribute?
To contribute to a solution, at TheyCorrect we are leveraging technology to address the teacher shortage crisis. TheyCorrect connects educators with a diverse group of over 1 million retired teachers, teachers in training, tutors, and higher education students to assist in grading tasks, thereby easing the burden on current educators. Read more about TheyCorrect’s commitment to addressing the teacher shortage crisis at and work together with us in a pilot!

Lizzy Anjel-van Dijk

Author Since: 26 April 2022