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Teacher workload has reached alarming levels, contributing to high levels of stress. This has a very negative effect on the staff wellbeing. While providing students with in-depth feedback is proven to be valuable for their learning outcomes, there is no doubt that marking is hugely time-consuming. As a school or team leader, you want your school to perform as well as possible. The basis: a lower workload for teachers.

To reduce the burden of teacher workloads, you can look with your school at ways to modernise marking practices. With TheyCorrect we offer you to let external correctors take on the bulk of the correction work, while the teachers at your school get on with the rest, enabling them to differentiate better. This in turn leads to more effective learning time and an improved learning performance of the students.

It works in three easy steps:

Teacher sets an assignment through Revisely and students hand in their work.

Teacher uses TheyCorrect to select a professional to do the correction work.

Teacher revises the professional’s job and returns the feedback to their students.

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