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TheyCorrect is a product by Revisely: we understand the value of feedback. You’re now checking out our platform for outsourcing grading tasks and reducing teacher shortages. Before we built this platform we first created a tool (Revisely Grading tool) that helps teachers to give more insightful feedback on students’ work.

The unique extendible  comment banks integrated in Revisely’s web application include tips on how to improve writing studies but can also include teachers’ feedback on the content. This saves teachers time and, by offering all this extra in-depth feedback, it increases students’ engagement and learning effects.

'As creators and supporters of education technology (#edtech), we’re proud to work together on improving education for students everywhere in the world’

In addition to facilitating interactive one-on-one online grading by teachers, Revisely also offers various other features such as plagiarism checking to promote original writing, Team Hand-ins to stimulate collaborating in groups and Peer Grading & Feedback to help students learn from each other.

Revisely is used by hundreds of thousands of teachers and students worldwide. Proudly based in both the Netherlands and Spain, our growing team is comprised of people who are passionate about empowering teachers as they use technology to redefine and improve their way of giving feedback on documents to students.