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For teachers / school management:

What are the costs?

Contact our account managers for a tailor-made offer

How do you guarantee the quality of the correctors?

We select professionals with a university degree or who are in the process of obtaining their teacher certifications. Think of certified teachers who would like to earn some extra money in addition to their pension income or students who are learning to be a teacher themselves and who would like to gain more experience.

For what subjects and levels can TheyCorrect be used?

Check our database of correctors to see what subjects are currently covered for your school type and level.

Is the privacy of our students and data safeguarded?

Yes, the privacy of your students is safeguarded. To start with, the professional correctors don't see the name of the student whose work they are grading. A GDPR-compliant data processing agreement for both school and corrector will always be in place.

For correctors:

What are the costs?

There are no costs for the corrector.

How do I get paid?

After you finish a grading project, the responsible teacher will review your work. If they find the result satisfactory, they will let us know. Once a month you get paid for the grading jobs you successfully rounded off.