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Ever find yourself swamped with grading work? Use TheyCorrect to find professionals to grade your students’ documents, the way you would. That way, you dedicate your time to coaching students, preparing your next class or taking that break.

As a teacher you have so many tasks and responsibilities, it’s just mind boggling. One big time-consuming job is grading, marking and correcting your students’ documents. So we offer you to let someone else take on the bulk of that correction work, while you get on with the rest. Naturally you stay in control of everything that goes back to the students.

It works in three easy steps:

Teacher sets an assignment through Revisely and students hand in their work.

Teacher uses TheyCorrect to select a professional to do the correction work. The professional grades the documents and provides them with relevant feedback.

Teacher reviews and rates the professional’s grading job and returns the results and feedback to their students.

TheyCorrect supports you in:

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