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We believe that happy teachers make happy students. Educators are struggling under their workload and teacher shortages keep growing.
Grading and giving feedback on students' work is a large part of teachers' workload. It is also a task that can be left to other professionals.

By outsourcing grading tasks, teachers have more time to focus on actual teaching, schools achieve better results and students learn more. It works in three easy steps:

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With TheyCorrect I save a lot of time that I would normally spend grading. Instead I can spend this time on improving the classes I give to my students and provide them with a more qualitative education.
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Teachers start by creating an assignment for students in Revisely’s grading tool. Once students have finished work on their assignment, they upload their documents in Revisely. After receiving notification that documents have been handed in, teachers can then choose to either grade and mark the documents themselves or click on the button to outsource the correction task through TheyCorrect’s platform, which is tightly integrated with Revisely.

Within TheyCorrect, teachers can then select a professional from the pool of external correctors. This corrector grades the students’ documents and sends the feedback to the teacher. Teachers then only need to revise the feedback provided by the external corrector and return the feedback to the students.

Why not let someone else do your grading tasks for you?

Welcome & Greetings

About Us

TheyCorrect is a product of Revisely. At Revisely, we understand the value of feedback. We also developed a tool (also named Revisely) that helps teachers to give more insightful feedback on students' work.

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What they say about us

Since the beginning of this school year, I have had 5 writing assignments for the fourth graders… I would never have been able to do that if I had had to do it all by myself. Then I just wouldn’t have had te time to grade it all… it’s just so much easier and quicker to correct
Anneke Memelink
Teacher of Dutch - Sondervick
It offers a lot of benefits. The students are developing a lot better!
Mart van Eijk
Teacher - Rodenborch College
We have been working with Revisely for many years now at Utrecht University. It’s an application that works very well for feedback and assessment on assignments like papers and essays for all subjects. This tool - that saves teachers time - might also be worthwhile to try out for other universities and schools.
Jan Haarhuis
Project manager – Utrecht University

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